What Does It Do?

Providing a Teensy 3.2 Arduino-compatible microcontroller, UHF radio, switchable power system, prototyping board and demo payloads, ubo does everything a real satellite does, in the comfort of your own home. We’re even providing a complete, Arduino-compatible software library to get you up and running straight away.

Why Would I Want One?

ubo is inspired by amateur and enthusiast-built satellites such as $50Sat, UoSAT, the AMSAT OSCAR series and the many, many student CubeSats. We want to show how easy it is to get a functional satellite working without needing years of experience or specialist knowledge.

We see many applications for the ubo, a few might be:

  • An educational tool for schools and universities to learn about satellite engineering
  • A creation platform for makers and engineering societies who want to develop their own experiments and instruments
  • A platform for high altitude balloons, aircraft and drones
  • A team-building activity
  • Your own space flight mission?

Want To Know More?