Welcome and thanks for coming to the buildUBO website.

In a nutshell, UBO is a 1p (5 x 5 x 5 cm) PocketQube kit, ready to be assembled by the user. It aims to replicate the core subsystems of a satellite, such as an on-board computer and radio communications. With the kit, we provide software libraries that anyone with experience of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or similar systems can get up and running for quick and easy interfacing with the UBO hardware.

UBO is a project that was started at the Satellite Applications Catapult around 2014. The Satellite Applications Catapult is one of a network of technology centres (Catapults) which are based around the UK, each with their own specific focus. Our mission is to grow the UK space economy; UBO satisfies a huge demand for outreach and education in space by providing an accurate yet affordable representation of a satellite. In the past, we’ve run workshops across the globe!

The Catapult is based in Harwell in the UK, our address is:

Satellite Applications Catapult
Electron Building
Fermi Avenue
OX11 0QR

You can contact us at:
Web: sa.catapult.org.uk
Email: info@sa.catapult.org.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1235 567999